Press Coverage and Testimonials

Some testimonials from our customers :


Stephen Parfett MD of Parfetts Cash & Carry

"Poundzone has been a revelation for us in both wholesale & retail. We have dedicated poundzones in each Cash & Carry, and have already achieved remarkable success in our own "Local 4 U" stores. This has encouraged us to redouble our efforts to tell our Cash & Carry customers about the initiative. The provision by DCS of effective merchandising units is a tremendous help in achieving this. Our success in non food categories has encouraged us to experiment with extending the concept to traditional grocery products."

Colin Smith, Head of Sales & Marketing at Bellevue Cash & Carry

"I have run an EIS report on the sales of our actual Poundzone specific products and highlight the sales below.  The products were purely for the toiletries and health and beauty ranges as we have not yet pushed the household.


Sales for past 8 wks: £5390

Sales for previous 8 wks: £3667

Diff +£1723 (47%)


Sales for past 8 wks: £1895

Sales for previous 8 wks: £366

Diff +£1529 (417%)

I have no doubt that we will continue to enjoy even greater sales once our sales brochure is complete and the Poundzone stands are distributed to our customers"