About Poundzone

DCS provides branded products to over 30,000 retailers in the UK via a network of Wholesalers, Cash & Carry or direct supply. Discount Stores are the fastest growing area of retail sales today. We can offer hundreds of top brands at amazingly low prices of £1, £2 and £3 are suitable for sale through Poundzone!

Denys Shortt, Chairman and CEO of DCS, has for many years been a staunch supporter and champion of the Independent retailer, came up with the concept of Poundzone.  Through his entrepreneurial endeavour, Denys devised a complete "Pound Shop in a box" and he has invested in a host of point of sale solutions.  Today there are now 1000's of Poundzones throughout the UK - see stockists.

Poundzone products and Point of Sale material is supplied by DCS Central - the UK's largest distributor of Health, Beauty and Household products.

Poundzone is a registered trademark 2520193 and owned by DCS Europe plc.